Dec 9, 2011

How to get your drupal questions answered in an IRC Channel

Would you like your drupal questions answered by community experts? Then read this post - it'll tell you the best way to get answers.

Firstly, if you really want good answers, learn how to ask good questions. I thought I knew how to ask good tech-related questions until I read this: Then I realised that I did know how to ask good questions, and now I knew how to ask much better questions. That's helped me on irc and on support forums. You basically want to ask your question like this:

"I'm trying to achieve [A]. I thought the best way to do this was to [B]. I read the documentation and it said to do [X]. I did it, I expected to see [Y] but actually saw [Z]. What am I doing wrong?"

Out there some drupal genius (like me! lol) reads this question. And immediately knows a few things:

The outcome that you're trying to achieve. Knowing this, we may have a better suggestion instead of [B] and thereby solve your problem.

You're already thinking - because of [B]. Whohoo! We know that you're someone who is thinking how to do something which will achieve your outcome. Tech geniuses would rather answer questions from people who are willing to do their own thinking.

You read documentation - double points. It means you're not asking someone else to do all the hard work. Plus you're learning new stuff. Both good pointers, and you're more likely to get helped.

When you did [X] you've told us what you expected to see when you tried [X]. That means you're thinking. Then you say that instead of [Y] you saw something else - [Z]. Awesome - that's valuable information.

Questions like, "Help, my website is broken!" or "Views isn't working" or "Taxonomy isn't linking properly" will get you ignored almost 100% of the time.

Read the documentation. Yes, RTFM applies - always. There's a reason documentation is written - and if it's out of date, update it yourself!

Maybe someone else has already asked your question. Search via google (go to and type " terms related to your problem"). If nothing shows up, search the internet. If nothing shows up, time to ask your question!

Ask your question in the right channels, those would be the forums on or the issue queue for the module you're having a problem with.

Or simply figure out how to join #drupal on IRC (for that you can use its simple and easy too use and compatible with any browser, since I'm using it ;) ), you can also choose your preferable channel from here or

Remember the BOT named 'Drupalicon' is there for you, if you wanna learn how to interrogate with 'Drupalicon' on IRC read this, if in case you're finding it difficult just type a message in the Drupal channel 'bot?' (without quotes) there will be a reply 'I'M UP! I'M UP!'.

Please don't ask your question in because this is for location-specific activities, and there may be other people on who'd also like to know the answer to your question (plus, your question on the drupal forums is searchable, so in a month someone else may have the same problem you're having and also wants to know the solution - be kind and place your question somewhere they can find it!).

If you're going to post a question in the issue queue, first read the Troubleshooting FAQ. If you're having a problem with your Drupal site, you're almost certainly not alone. Your questions may already have been asked and answered many times. Save yourself some time and start with this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before you post an issue in the queue.

Don't be a support leech. Play nicely! And learn how to be part of a community, particularly a self-organising one.

Lastly, read this post and follow all of this advice! It will transform you into the kind of person whom other people enjoy helping, and take you one step closer to being Certified to Rock! And if someone does something which violates any of these guidelines, gently point them to this post.


  1. Incomparable Blog. I tot up this Blog to my bookmarks. Thanks for alluring the in the nick of time b soon to examine this, I lean to strongly yon it and fondness information more on this topic.

  2. Rishi Kulshreshtha21/5/12 10:36 PM

    Thanks for the comment, Salman!

  3. I have site in drupal 7. The site is very very slow. It consumes almost
    100% CPU resources even if only one user is surfing the site.

    The site has multiple content types. I have to migrate data from other site so I am using few modules for migrating data.

    I am using few more modules like Image cropping, Autosave, Page title, Module for Meta tags etc

    I dont think I am using any module which can slow down the site.

    Pls help to figure the root cause of slowness and improve the performance of the site.

  4. Hi Rishi

    I have problem with webform 7.x-4.0-alpha6

    Issue : Display only non empty fields in the email.

    With webform 7.x-3.18 I could able to resolve the same issue with the following code but not working after upgrading webform - any help is highly appreciable-thanks

    Here's a solution that I used in a webform-mail-nid.tpl.php file to display only non empty fields in the email but the below solution is not working with Webform 7.x-4.0-alpha6:data as $cid => $value) {

    if ($value['value'][0] == '0') {
    $email['excluded_components'][] = $cid;
    if (!isset($parents[$node->webform['components'][$cid]['pid']])) {
    $parents[$node->webform['components'][$cid]['pid']] = 0;
    else {
    $parents[$node->webform['components'][$cid]['pid']] = 1;
    foreach($parents as $pid => $has_requests) {
    if (!$has_requests) {
    $email['excluded_components'][] = $pid;
    $email_values = webform_submission_render($node, $submission, $email, 'text');
    echo "Submitted on %date

    Submitted values are:

    The results of this submission may be viewed at: