Jun 28, 2011

Wordpress showing blank white page | White screen of death

What! My wordpress Site Showing White Blank Page! No Errors !
Are you having this kind of problem ????
Don't panic, this is Wordpress White Screen Of Death
The name looks dangerous, but it is not,
Many times, mostly when transferring wordpress site from one hosting to another, people find that when running their website, they find wordpress is displaying White Blank Screen
This is caused because of damaged files in Wordpress.
The following are the solutions for it:-
<li>Reinstall Wordpress</li>
<li>Check wp-config file</li>
<li>Deactivate All plugins</li>
<li>Change the theme to default</li>

  • Reinstall the wordpress, just go to your file manager through FTP or cpanel and reinstall the wordpress manually by copy pasting files.(Before trying this try other steps)
    Remember Dont copy Wp-Content Folder.

  • WP-CONFIG.PHP check your wp-config file, it should start with[php]<?php[/php]

    and end with[php]?>[/php]

    their should be no space or blank line before and after it.

  • DEACTIVATE PLUGINS AND THEMES, just through your file manager, rename the folder of your plugin and themes to any other name in my case i used Plugins_temp and Themes_temp
    this deactivated all the plugins, and it made my theme to default Twenty-ten theme

Thats it you are done, these answer's will solve your problem,
Any problem persists, feel free to ask
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1 comment :

  1. WHen i have change the theme displaying well.
    But when i have changed to Simple_catch theme it is showing blank white page...
    What i have to do
    thanks in advance